Our Current Promotions

Current promotions can end or change at any time, so don’t delay or risk missing out.

Call us about our $59 New-Patient Special! 

Includes X-rays, Cleaning, and Exam for those who do not have insurance!

In-House Dental Savings Plan

No Insurance? ...Ask about our In-House Savings Program Called the Happy And Healthy Smiles Savings Plan

We can save you!  Now you can have affordable preventative services without dental insurance.

Refer a New Patient Program:

  1. Send us a New Patient and receive a $25 Gift Certificate for future dental services.
  2. You also receive an entry into our Monthly $50 Drawing for every New Patient you send.  

Winners names to be posted in our office and on our website.  (You must be an active patient of ours to be eligible for the drawing.)

2020                                                              2019

Dec winner:                                                   Dec winner:   Cortney Smith
Nov winner:  This could be you!                Nov winner:   Toni Hayes
Oct winner:   Sandra Panitz                       Oct winner:    Shauna Morse
Sep winner:   Brandi Thibeault                  Sep winner:   Rebecca Barrett
Aug winner:   Ann Stuckey                         Aug winner:   Dona Hice
July winner:  Joan Chase                           July winner:   Endrea McGowan
Jun winner:   Michelle Fernandes            Jun winner:    Nathan Palmer
May winner:  Steven Nichols                     May winner:   Betty Henning
Apr winner:    Closed due to COVID-19     Apr winner:    Ron Raymond
Mar winner:   Glynis McLendon                 Mar winner:   Jane Smith
Feb winner:   Rachel Keller                         Feb winner:   Adam Hall
Jan winner:   Marcella Juskowski            Jan winner:   Joyce Boyen


Dec winner:   Joyce Caplin
Nov winner:   Lynn Meixner
Oct winner:    Darla Ferguson
Sep winner:   Vonceil Lavine
Aug winner:   Barbara Robbins
July winner:   Caroline Turner
Jun winner:    Roger Coursey
May winner:   Johnny Caraballo
Apr winner:    Kristi Doucette
Mar winner:   Tonya Ruggles
Feb winner:   Diane Mattaliano
Jan winner:   Nancy Lezotte


Dec winner:   Cari Nunes
Nov winner:   William Dodge
Oct winner:    Norma Dean
Sep winner:   Kim Dodson
Aug winner:   Vicki Teal
July winner:   Jose Cepeda
Jun winner:    Tish Nelson
May winner:   Rachel Rangel
Apr winner:    Kelli Dubois 
Mar winner:   Nikki Blanchette
Feb winner:   Tammy Doles
Jan winner:    Erin Simmons


Dec winner:   Kayla Cassady
Nov winner:   Denice Williams
Oct winner:    Shelly Pendexter
Sep winner:   Sandy Slemmons
Aug winner:   Ginger Fletcher
July winner:   Gary Carmichael
Jun winner:    Lewis Downing
May winner:   Jeannine Hope
Apr winner:    Mary Bethea 
Mar winner:   David Payne
Feb winner:   Terry Dumas
Jan winner:    Stephanie Rouse 


Dec winner:  Wennie Gish
Nov winner:  Laura Swearingen
Oct winner:   Pat DeLoach
Sep winner:  Diane Jackson
Aug winner:  Chris Wojtowicz
July winner:  Mia Vincent
Jun winner:   Teresa Smith
May winner:  Brandi Whitney
Apr winner:   Joanne Propst
Mar winner:  Yolanda Butler
Feb winner:  Stacie Saunders
Jan winner:   Patti Walker


Dec winner: Raeanna Bonetti
Nov winner: Cheryl Linebarger
Oct winner:  Penny Hout
Sep winner: Ann Berry
Aug winner: Denise Liggio
July winner: Jennifer Winters
Jun winner:  Linda Thompson
May winner: Linda Bick
Apr winner:  Teresa Woerman
Mar winner:  Ramona Depetris
Feb winner:  Alan Hicks
Jan winner:  Amanda Buffington


Dec winner: Cindy West
Nov winner: Melissa Hoppen
Oct winner: Bobbi Jo Smith
Sep winner: Lauren Keck
Aug winner: Shelly Coates
July winner: Jim Wilson
Jun winner:  Pat DeLoach
May winner: Angela Johnson
Apr winner:  Katie Rios
Mar winner:  Bob Lucas
Feb winner:  Ginger Sanders
Jan winner:  Sharon Ragland


Dec winner: Jan Conrad
Nov winner: Carolyn Taylor
Oct winner:  Simonne Lucien
Sep winner: Charlotte Joyce
Aug winner: Gerry Gambrell
July winner: Vic Miraflor
Jun winner:  Rachel Smith
May winner: Debbie McCabe
Apr winner:  Diana LeBeau
Mar winner: Rachel Rangel
Feb winner: Robin Rittler
Jan winner: Rachel Nelson


Dec winner: Angielyd Sullivan
Nov winner: Eva Reese
Oct winner: Leslie Dougher
Sep winner: Robin Heinz
Aug winner: Alice Olsen
July winner: Rose Miraflor
June winner: Peg Marshall
May winner: Carol Beach
April winner: Heather Meyers
Mar winner: Milton Angelatos
Feb winner: Judy Stapleton
Jan winner: Susie Manaois


Dec winner: Bob Lucas
Nov winner: Don Warren
Oct winner: Mary Lou Whittlesey
Sep winner: Rachel Rangel
Aug winner: Linda Thompson
July winner: Lilly Vogt
Jun winner: Melissa Gibson
May winner: Monica Bercich
Apr winner: Jay Harrison
Mar winner: Joyce Capling
Feb winner: Mary Bob Jochum
Jan winner: Loretta Fales


Dec winner: Judy Bennett
Nov winner: Kelly Spencer
Oct winner: Edward Kelley
Sep winner: Sonya Cervantes
Aug winner: David Ingham
July winner: Maria Reece
June winner: Toni Charneco

BOTOX and Dermal Filler Promotions:

Call our office on how to Save on BOTOX and on Dermal Fillers. 

Facebook Special:

Like our Faceboook page and we will mail you a $25 Off Coupon for your dental services here.

Whitening Program:

For our patients that are current on their exam, x-rays, cleanings, and have no un-treated cavities or gum disease, we offer $250 off any whitening system. So treat yourself to a bright and healthy smile to enjoy year-round! 

  • Take-Home Custom Whitening Trays - Only $107 (after the $250 savings)
  • Zoom 1-Hour In-Office Whitening - Only $400 (after the $250 savings)

No Dental Insurance Programs:

We understand that not everyone has the benefit of dental insurance to defray the cost of dental care, so we have some programs to help you.

For those of you without dental insurance, we have removed the financial barrier for you to get established with us as your new dentist. It's important that everyone goes to the dentist regularly to prevent problems from occurring. Early detection of problems allows for easier and less costly treatment. The new patient specials listed below that will help those of you without the benefit of dental insurance.

Save 10% on our services:

For those of you without dental insurance, we can offer you a 10% savings on our services. Just mention this ad. Limitations apply.

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